Rounds and Quarters

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Famous "Scorpion kick"

The "Scorpion kick"  is one of the hardest kicks to pull off in a game of soccer. It has the general concept of a bicycle kick, kicking a ball that is in front of you from going into goal, but in different form. It was created by Colombian goalkeeper, Rene Huigita (El Loco).This save earned him notoriety when he pulled it off in a friendly game against England in September 1995, blocking a shot by Jamie Redknapp. It ranked 94th in Channel 4's 100 Greatest Sporting Moments in 2002.

Here is a clip on how El Loco used this kick with awesome flexibility and movement:

Just recently however in the 82nd minute of a 1-1 match against Moroccan league leaders OCK Marrakech, Boudlal pulled off a one-legged version of the scorpion. And it worked. He has great guts, eh.