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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Pride of Athletes

“You’re talking about people who are told that they can overcome anything, do anything, if they work at it. It’s not just in athletes. You see the same thing in lots of people: doctors, lawyers, bankers. Athletes think they’re stronger than anyone else. Doctors think they’re smarter.”  

The latest issue on yahoo.sports got me thinking about pride and ego. True man's ego and pride could help a lot for man to live a normal life. Without it, a person will live a life of seclusion and fear. On the other hand, the article had given me a glimpse of the truth about how pride affects negatively on people. You see, those people who knew that there is something wrong that is going on within them can't and will not admit their flaws and weakness due from their pride and high ego. Some athletes in sports and team wear for instance have the tendency to believe that they are the strongest and admitting their personal struggles is a sign of vulnerability. And even some doctors wearing hospital uniforms and white scrubs are proud of their intellect to the point that they had been thinking that they are the smartest people and don't need guidance from others since they know what to do with their own health.

But the sad truth is, there is no perfect person. Even if you are an athlete, a doctor or a lawyer-you're still imperfect. Every being have flaws and refusing to admit it will have a bitter consequence. Saying that you are weak is so easy and simple however our pride just makes it difficult. Anyway there is just one lesson that I've learned from the article; that is the consequence of too much pride is our own lives.

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†•▬Јw▬•† said...

I agree with this post 100%. Pride and belief in one's self is extremely important and helpful but too much can lead to arrogance and have dangerous consequences.
Sad thing is I've been falling victim to this double edged sword for a couple of weeks now, thank you for making me see the light.

Sincerely, Jw.

Anonymous said...

Confidence is good to have but pride is bad to have. We should always remember that a man cannot leave alone in an island. Though we are good or skilled on one area it doesn’t mean we are better than others. They may not be good one our specialization but they are also better in their own ways.

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