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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Best Boxer of His Era

Yesterday I watched how the legendary Manny Pacquiao once again beat another opponent of his, Margarito, who left the fight with too much damage that his eyes are half closed, enough to bring him to people wearing scrubs uniforms. Yes Margarito was defeated but he has gained my respect and salute.  

Actually at some point of the game I was hesitant to say that Manny will win because Margarito is in no doubt a very worthy opponent and a very strong one. I also thought that he will be defeated in KO, but I was also wrong. 

As usual it's another victorious night for Pacquiao who just won 8 categories in boxing...the only boxer who has done that so far. Indeed it is not shocking news that there are many boxing analysts and enthusiasts who consider Pacquiao as the best boxer of his era. Shame to Mayweather, eh. 

Personally speaking, I still love Ali. But in flexibility and style, it's Pacquiao in sportswear uniforms that I adore..a congressman, singer, actor, a philanthropist...what more could you ask for? 

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Anonymous said...

Whoa! That must be a good fight between them. Salute for the Margarito and Manny who gave their audience an exciting fight between them. They didn’t surrender until the end of 12 rounds huh? These men gave all their strength, show the skills and the knowledge in the sport. Bravo to Manny! He again another title, this must be truly to be proud of. Having 8 titles, no doubt he was said to be the best boxer of these era.

Precious Callaghan said...

He is truly an epitome of his own chosen field. I appreciate this blog because it seems so informative and up to date. I am also a sports-addict that is why I always look for sites featuring my favorite athletes. I am a fan of Filipino boxer, Pacquiao. That is why, I give a round of applause to the blogger. :-)

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