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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Athletes in Their Custom Digitizing Halloween Costumes

This post may be too late for a Halloween post yet, I enjoy reading this from Yahoo Sports, and I'm going to share it, eh. Here are some of the custom digitizing costumes that you may seldom see wore by your favourite athletes. I reckon that this is a one in a million chance you've been waiting for:

Best Celeb Tribute
Dwyane Wade as Justin Timberlake
From the flaxen ringlets and shining goatee to the tilted fedora and tailored vest, Wade turns up the heat with his stylish tribute to JT.

Most Self-Deprecating
John McEnroe as Himself
Most of us wouldn't dream of dressing as ourselves 20 years ago for Halloween -- unless, of course, we were trying to win a "Scariest Costume" prize. But McEnroe had no shame about his 1982 Davis Cup look, right down to the red sweatband.

Most Shameless
A.J. Ellis as Carmen Miranda
Dodger catcher A.J. Ellis left little to the imagination in his portrayal of the Portuguese-born Brazilian star of the 1940s and 50s.

Best Couple
Jonathan Toews and Adam Burish
Gotta love these Chicago Blackhawks ready to trick or treat as the original comedy bromance, Harry and Lloyd.

Most Charming
Paul Pierce as Frog
The 2009 Disney flick was certainly a hit -- but who knew "The Princess and the Frog" inspired NBA stars? Pierce could pass as a royal Praying Mantis, but he revealed on Twitter last year that he was, in fact, half of the fairy tale duo. 

Most Obvious Choice No One Else Would Think Of
Shaun White as Wendy
It takes confidence to become an Olympic snowboarder, not to mention one who unabashedly rocks wavy, scarlet locks. But Shaun White truly earns a gold medal for his picture perfect tribute to America's favorite freckled purveyor of square hamburgers.

Most Creative
Jeff Gordon as a One Night Stand
Model Ingrid Vandebosch wouldn't want her NASCAR champion husband having any one night stands, but dressing up as one nightstand for Halloween is a different story. Gordon definitely wins for wit and creativity.

Halloween maybe over but there still a next celebration to consider, though there will be no custom digitizing costume party to be held. Anyway, this month of November will be also the Thanksgiving Day.  Thanksgiving is the most ideal time to remember all the blessings we received throughout the year at the same time express sincere gratitude not just to the Lord but also to the people who made significant contributions to our lives. Hmm maybe you can have a costume thanksgiving tribute for your favourite athlete that inspires your life on Thanksgiving Day too. :)

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