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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On Tennis' Wardrobe Malfunction and Rafa's Win

Here are some of the news I've gathered about the tennis world lately:

The bad news: 

Venus Williams experienced a wardrobe malfunction during a good-natured exhibition match against Italian tennis player Flavia Pennetta in Milan. The left strap on one of Venus' self-designed eleVen dresses with an embroidery digitizing logo on the upper right side of it, snapped during the match, almost exposing some extra skin to the assembled crowd. But Venus managed to cover up this problem, eh.

The good news:

My favorite tennis player, Rafa wearing his sportswear with his favorite brand embroidery digitizing logo won against Juan Monaco. He had given a great performance here. Take a look:

So, that's all for this week; haha. cause next week will be a different week and of course different update too. :)

Source: Venus Williams almost had a wardrobe malfunction in Italy

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