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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sports Fashion: Military Inspired Athletic Shoes

Runways and the fashion world never fail to introduce to us new fads and styles. That's why it is not a surprise that even the sports industry is affected by the fashion industry .

Ever heard of a military inspired fashion?

Here are some of the models and celebrities who had already given us a glimpse of what military inspired fashion is all about ( through embroidery digitising designs or military prints outfit). 
Runway Model

Beyonce Knowles

Katy Perry
Now, military inspired fashion is not just a part of the embroidery digitising, entertainment and modelling world but it also makes its way into the sports industry.

James Lebron has a new shoes this new season, which is a U.S. Air Force inspired athletic shoes. Nike calls it “The Cannon” edition of the LeBron 9. Nike says that edition of the shoe will be released first in South Florida starting at midnight Sunday “as a sign of appreciation and respect for LeBron’s South Florida fans and community.” However, the sneakers is quite pricey and carry a retail price of $170.

Will you buy these shoes?

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