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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sports that Women Love to Watch

For almost two months, I've been in a hiatus with regards on writing on this blog. I’ve always want to write especially when Nadal, my favorite tennis player, failed to won over Djokovic, yet there are so many things that hindered me on posting some updates on this blog. Nevertheless, now I'm back!
The sports world is quite full of men who dominate it, yet we can't deny the fact that there are also many women athletes that many people idolize (even at the point of wearing their custom digitizing jersey logos)  and they are also newsworthy as well. Women viewers for instance are seen by as a powerful audience to see what sports are “in” into feminine tastes. Here are some of these sports and events this 2011 that drove many American women audience:

Daytona 500
February 2011 Total viewers: 15.6 million 
Women viewers: 5.5 million (35.4%)

NBA Finals (Miami vs. Dallas)

June 2011 Total viewers: 17.3 million 
Women viewers: 6.3 million (36.3%) 

NHL Stanley Cup Finals (Boston vs. Vancouver)
June 2011 Total viewers: 3.9 million 
Women viewers: 1.4 million (37%)  

Women's World Cup Final (U.S. vs. Japan)
July 2011 Total viewers: 13.5 million 
Women viewers: 5.2 million (38.9%) 

Women's Word Cup Quarter Final (U.S. vs. Brazil)
July 2011 Total viewers: 3.9 million 
Women viewers: 1.2 million (31%)  

U.S. Open Women's Final (Stosur vs. S. Williams)
September 2011 Total viewers: 4.9 million 
Women viewers: 2.24 million (46%)

U.S. Open Men's final (Djokovic vs. Nadal)
September 2011 Total viewers: 3.34 million 
Women viewers: 1.67 million (50%)  

Now, the last mentioned sport, which is tennis is one of my favorite sports since  Federer and Nadal are my favorite athletes. Sadly none of them won in the US Open 2011, but instead its Djokovic.  Looking upon unto the last photo, I remember that the two famous tennis player (Nadal and Djokovic) are both endorsers of two famous  clothing apparel wherein many fans try to buy or just copy a custom digitizing outfit of them. Djokovic is the endorser of Adidas while Nadal on Nike.

Djokovic on Adidas
Nadal on Nike

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